The book

Radioactive People

>>> ...He wakes up from another "cold" dream, the ones he is so much used to lately. He makes a few steps back, to the center of the train wagon. Rad still feels the fresh, pleasant air confronting his broken thoughts... There was a reason he got close to the exit, but everything is so confused in his brain.
>>> There he is again. After so many years. On the same spot, where the broken oath was taken… Where it all began, now it will come in a foreclosure. He enjoys the last few moments in his Stang.

Author: Efthimis Koutsoukis

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Radioactive People 
- Episode 1 -

Pulsating Radiostars from time to time release short stories based on the songs. Check out our first book titled "Radioactive People". 

Rad Pulson. A former teacher, now a car salesman, realises that he has had enough of toxic people in his life. People are always on to him. His wife, his best… friend, his boss! He decides to do something about it. Put an end to all of this! Follow his dream. Be an author! He loves to write. He always loved to write. He wants to write about the future of humankind. To change their minds and their perspective of today’s society. To change their attitude and behaviour. To be kind and loving. To be ethical and fair. "No religions or politicians can do that. Only ourselves can" he said.
Rad feels his on a quest to write a book that will change the world. That's what he is going to do before fading away into his dying memories…”

Such a great cause! So little time... His brain disease is climaxing day by day and his memories become dreams… drifting between two worlds. Fantasy and reality.